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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Yay! It worked!

No, I didn't finish the cloak. I got the pictures to work! I have been having a dickens of a time to get them off the camera and onto the blog.
My friend gave me her old camera to use for putting pictures of my work on the blog. She is the bestest! So, here is the dishcloth that inspired my cloak. Well, this was the second one I knit, but I made the rows shorter so it would be smaller. When I finished it I was playing with it while watching TV, and I thought it looked like a shawl for a faerie.

Then I thought it would be really cool as a shawl for me. I have an addiction to shawls. They are like a nice cozy blanket that you can wear. I love blankets too. I need to make more of those. I like knitting blankets because you can do so many different patterns. Also, you get to use it while you are making it! My cloak is like a blanket when I am working on it. No, I didn't forget about the cloak. So, when I thought it looked like a faerie cloak I also got the idea to make a big one for me. I looked in my stash and found a skein of Lion Brand Homespun in "Country" (green)and another one of a pale violet color. I thought it would be cool if I changed colors every panel, so I started working on it. While working on it I decided that every other panel would be the same green color. Then I decided to tie it all together with a hood and make it a cloak. Here is a picture of it in progress.

So! Now I can actually show you what I am working on instead of trying to describe it to you. Nicer for you and nicer for me. Thank you (you know who you are) so much!


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At 12:02 PM, September 30, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job on the pictures! Love ya!

At 11:00 PM, September 30, 2005, Blogger Third Base Line said...

I now have a terrible case of cloak-envy. That is GORGEOUS! You should wear it to Yule if it's done!


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