The ADD Knitter

Attention Deficit Disorder and knitting, A dangerous combination.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Almost There...

Well, I finished the main part of my cloak!

Now on to the hood. When I tried it on after I finished it, it was a bit longer than I had meant it to be. I forgot to take into account the stretch of the knit with weight on it. So, it goes all the way to the floor. I like it like that though. While talking to my Mom about it and how I would really like to wear it in the winter, but it is not nearly warm enough to compete with near zero temps and wind to boot! We came up with the idea of lining it with a satin backed flannel in the same shade of green as the main color of the cloak. Now I am super excited to get this done.

You know, I could have had this finished a long time ago, if I had just swore to do some everyday. Yeah, that is easier said than done.

It has come to my attention that my cats like my knitting basket. A couple of days ago, I got up for work and when I turned on the light, there was Pearl happy as could be on top of my cloak. {I'm thinking of changing her name to Purl, I wouldn't even have to tell my husband her name changed!) Today, I found Ernie there. See how cute? Purl is the black one and Ernie the fuzzy one.

I am going to be starting my Christmas knitting soon. I have one small project and one big one that I HAVE to do. I decided that I wanted to try cable stitching so I found projects that I can play with cables. I'll Try to keep you up to date, but there will be no pictures of these two items until after the new year, being that they are gifts.